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In the official bulletin of June 30, 2020, the Thai government announced decisions on international migration and expanded the range of people who can enter the country. At the same time, epidemic prevention measures were announced for travelers entering the country .

As a result, those who fall under the following can also enter the country by plane from Japan by taking preventive measures against infection.

Those who are eligible for entry are those who meet the following 11 items.


  1. Those who hold Thai nationality
  2. Those who have been exempted from regulation by the Prime Minister, or who have been designated, permitted or invited by the person responsible for resolving an emergency situation.
  3. Diplomatic missions, consular corps, international organizations or representatives of foreign governments or government agencies operating in Thailand or individuals belonging to other international organizations who have been granted permission by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Thailand as necessary, and these Spousal, parents, sons
  4. Carrier of required goods
  5. Crew members and operators with clearly defined dates for entry and exit into the kingdom
  6. Spouse, parents or sons of Thai nationals who do not hold Thai nationality
  7. Those who do not hold Thai nationality and have a valid Kingdom residence certificate or permission to reside in the Kingdom
  8. Those who do not hold Thai nationality, who hold a valid work permit, or who are permitted to work in the Kingdom by law, and their spouses and sons.
  9. Students and students who do not hold Thai nationality and their parents or guardians who attend an educational institution in Thailand accredited by the Thai authorities.
  10. Those who do not hold Thai nationality and who need medical treatment in Thailand and those who are accompanied
  11. Those who do not hold Thai nationality and are permitted to enter the kingdom in accordance with special arrangements with foreign countries.

Other than those who have a stay visa, work permit, or student visa, as described in item 10, those who receive medical treatment in Thailand and their attendants are also allowed to enter Thailand after July 1.

As an infection preventive measure, it is necessary to spend a quarantine period of 14 days after entering Japan at a designated hotel, etc., but for those who fall under item No. 10, only if the hospital receiving treatment is a designated quarantine hospital, 14 You can receive inpatient treatment in parallel with the daily quarantine period.

COVID19 may be changed at any time. Please make the final decision after confirming the latest official announcement of the Thai government.

Decisions based on Article 9 of the Emergency Ordinance (No. 12): Official Bulletin on International Migration  Source: Japanese provisional translation by the Japanese Embassy



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