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Due to the influence of the new coronavirus (COVID19), it is difficult to enter Thailand from Japan.

However, from 1 July 2020, the Thai government has announced decisions on international migration and has allowed entry for travelers treated in Thailand.

Those who receive medical cannabis treatment in Thailand are required to have the following entry conditions and epidemic prevention measures.

Conditions for passengers and travelers entering Thailand

Those who do not hold Thai nationality and who need medical treatment in Thailand and those who are accompanied. However, this does not apply to the treatment of the new coronavirus. In particular, those who need to enter Thailand by air and receive medical treatment, the number of accompanying persons must not exceed 3 and must be quarantined in the same hospital facility for a period not less than 14 days.

Measures before entering Thailand

  1. Avoid areas at risk of infection and places where people gather for more than 14 days
  2. Prepare the following documents to be used when entering the kingdom
    ・ Certificate of entry (COE)
    ・ Certificate by a doctor indicating that the traveler is in good health for travel (Fit) to Fly Health Certificate / Fit to Travel Health Certificate)
    ・ Medical certificate issued by RT-PCR within 72 hours of travel, indicating that the traveler is not infected with the new coronavirus. certificate with a laboratory result indicating that COVID -19 is not detected)・ Certificate showing that the traveler
    can pay medical expenses and other expenses while staying in the kingdom ・ The traveler stays in the kingdom
    In the meantime, insurance with a maximum amount of $ 100,000 or more that can cover medical expenses including medical expenses including treatment for coronavirus infection, or other certification
    / traveler isolation facilities must comply with government standards and guidelines. Certificate shown-Certificate
    issued by the medical institution in the country of departure, stating the need for treatment in the kingdom
    -Certificate issued by the medical institution in the kingdom, accepting and treating travelers for 14 days or more Certificate showing that a place has been secured for isolation within the medical institution
  3. Before traveling, the traveler’s respiratory symptoms are inspected and the temperature is measured at the immigration checkpoint in the country of departure (Exit screening).

Measures when arriving in Thailand and during stay in Thailand

  1. When entering the kingdom, a respiratory symptom test and temperature measurement will be performed at the immigration office (Entry screening).
  2. Submit documents to the person in charge of infection prevention at the immigration office
  3. Use government-imposed tracking systems or applications to follow up on symptoms during quarantine
  4. The new coronavirus is tested three times by the RT-PCR method. The first time when you arrive at the medical institution, the second time during the 5th to 7th days of the quarantine period, and the third time during the 13th to 14th days of the isolation period.
  5. Quarantine for 14 days even if medical treatment is less than 14 days

Measures before leaving Thailand

If the country of arrival imposes a self-funded test, the RT-PCR method will be used to test for the new coronavirus.

COVID19 may be changed at any time. Please make the final decision after confirming the latest official announcement of the Thai government.

Epidemic prevention measures for travelers entering Thailand to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus Source: Japanese provisional translation by the Japanese Embassy

Below is a list of medical institutions that can collect PCR test samples and issue test certificates to business travelers.

Japan Travel Medicine Association website




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