[Video] Only one drop! Medical cannabis that stops the tremor of Parkinson’s disease in 4 minutes
パーキンソン病, 医療ツーリズム

Where do people find the power to live when they suffer from an incurable disease? The movie ” Ride with Larry ” is a documentary of LARRY SMITH, who suffers from the intractable Parkinson’s disease. Most of the 60 reviews on Aamazon in the United States are 5 stars.     2Larry, who has been fighting Parkinson’s disease […]

Relationship between multiple sclerosis and medical cannabis [Are there past cases?]

Standard treatment for multiple sclerosis Multiple sclerosis is a disease in which nerve tissue is damaged by inflammation of the central and optic nerves such as the brain and spinal cord. The cause is a runaway immune system, which is thought to be an autoimmune disease. When the central nervous system is examined by pathological anatomy, […]

Relationship between trichotillomania treatment and medical cannabis [Explanation of drugs used]

Standard treatment for trichotillomania Trichotillomania (trichotillomania) is a mental illness in which one’s own hair is repeatedly pulled out for purposes other than cosmetic purposes. The detailed mechanism has not been elucidated, but it is said to be triggered by mental stress and frustration. It is commonly found in children, but it can also occur in […]

Dr. Renou from Selenium Hospital appeared on Abema TV on the current state of medical cannabis in Thailand
NEWS, タイ, 医療ツーリズム, 法律

From 22:00 to 23:00 on June 17, 2020 (Wednesday), the title ” Is it necessary to legalize medical cannabis? .. Dr. Renou from Selenium Hospital is appearing on the current state of medical cannabis in Thailand. It explains in Japanese how medical cannabis is actually prescribed in Thailand. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9dR0G2xqEAo It has been appearing since about 3 minutes.If you […]

List of drugs used to treat Parkinson’s disease [Is it okay to use drugs together?]

List of drugs used to treat Parkinson’s disease For those who have developed Parkinson’s disease, the number of “dopaminergic neurons” that make a neurotransmitter called dopamine in the brain is decreasing, which causes various symptoms. Therefore, the main idea of ​​the therapeutic drug is to supplement dopamine first. The table below lists the classifications of therapeutic agents. It […]

What is medical cannabis? [What you need to know about the difference between THC and CBD]

What is medical cannabis? First of all, what is cannabis? According to the website of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, “cannabis is cannabis grass (Cannabis sativa el) and its products” is defined. And in Japan, from the viewpoint of drug abuse prevention, the Cannabis Control Law enacted in 1948 regulates the manufacture of drugs containing […]

Will epilepsy be completely cured? The type and surgical criteria, cases of recurrence and countermeasures

Will epilepsy be completely cured? It is said that epilepsy can be controlled by antiepileptic drugs or surgery with a probability of 70 to 80%, but there are various types of epilepsy, so it is difficult to control the symptoms in some cases. .. Benign childhood epilepsy Pediatric absence epilepsy The above two types of […]

Relieve anxiety! Real and subsidy system from hospitalization to discharge of epilepsy treatment

Purpose of hospitalization for epilepsy Purpose of hospitalization for epilepsy The basis of epilepsy treatment is to properly identify the type of epilepsy attack and take antiepileptic drugs for the attack. However, if drug treatment at the outpatient department does not improve the condition, or if it is difficult to identify the type of epilepsy by […]

Medical tourism tour of Thailand’s Selenium Hospital where you can receive medical cannabis treatment in Japanese
タイ, 医療ツーリズム

There are quite a few people who feel despair about illnesses that cannot be cured due to the limitations of medical care in Japan. But now the world is not as big as you might think. You can go abroad at any time. Treatments that are not allowed in Japan are legally given there to save those who […]

[Explanation by a former lawyer] Is it illegal to receive medical cannabis treatment overseas? legal?

In Japan, the possession, cultivation, and transfer of cannabis are prohibited by the Cannabis Control Law. So, if cannabis is legal and Japanese people are treated with cannabis, will they be subject to punishment after returning to Japan? We will organize and explain the legal issues that patients receiving medical cannabis treatment are concerned about. […]


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